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HILLTOP HOMESTAY is located in Vellathooval, Munnar. HILLTOP HOME STAY is an ideal place to stay as a “home away from home” while exploring the natural beauty of God’s own munnar. V ellathooval is located to the west of Vimala City and to the southwest of Kuthupara. It is outfitted with elegant furnishings, fixtures, and modern bathroom wares to give you a homey feel.


The discovery process was a very important first step in achieving a successful design of Hilltop Homestay’s website. To ensure the new site will be an accurate reflection and representation of the brand, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their current site and interviewed their team and key stakeholders to identify the frustrations with their current site and the priorities for the redesign.

The biggest challenge with their current site was that it didn’t reflect the quality or the artisanship of their produce. Being the world’s leader and expert in the field, this was a very important aspect to prioritize in the strategic planning of the new design. Other key takeaways from the discovery meeting was their desire to increase brand awareness, showcase current career opportunities, and display the global reach of their products.

  • Low visibility on Google.
  • Homestay Website with poor SEO optimization.
  • Unstructured Website architecture
  • No proper keyword integration.


  • Ranked top keywords in Adimali, Idukki with an effective SEO strategy.
  • Significant organic traffic growth.
  • More than 50 backlinks

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